Andreas and I went on a tour to Rottnest Island. With the Speedboat it was half an hour from Perth. This little island is only about 11 km in length, so we rented bikes for discovering it.

The beaches were really nice! There were also some old coral reefs, were Andeas and I did some snorkeling. We had cheap underwater cameras with us to make some pictures of the fascinating underwater world (look at "My diving adventure" for underwater pictures)
Here you can see a "Quokka". These animals are marsupials (german=Beuteltiere) like the kangaroo.
With their long tail, they look more like giant rats. The dutch people who discovered the Island centuries ago thought it would be rats and named the Island "Rottnest" (means ratsnest)
They aren't afraid of humans because a lot of tourists are feeding them
The lighttower of Rottnest Island. A very important facility which helps the navigation. Before they built the lighttower 100 years ago, it was very dangerous for shipping. Therefore you can find a lot of shipwrecks around the isle.
That's me, still in the wetsuit after snorkeling.
There were some of peacocks (german=Pfaue) on the Isle.