The 6th day of our tour we've spent in Albany. Close to Albany there is the so called Torndirrup N.P. There we could see interesting rock formations like "The Gap" the "Natural Bridge" and the "Blow Holes" .

"The Gap"
This funny rock is called the "Natural Bridge". It's next to The Gap. The hole was formed by water of the ocean. Can you see me standing on the Bridge?
In Albany some of the electrical energy is produced by wind turbines. The output of one turbine is 1,800 KW.
In the Torndirrup N.P. there is an old whaling station which was converted into a museum in 1978. On this picture you can see the skeleton of a sperm whale.
This ship is a full sized replica of the Brig Amity which brought the first settler to Western Australia in 1826.
That was the sleeping room for the crew of the Amity.
This is the piece of a meteorite (we found it in a museum next to the ship). The material has a high percentage of ferrit.
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