To look out for fires in the forests, platforms were installed on some high Karri trees. One of these so called "Lookout Trees" is the Gloucester Tree near Pemberton. It is 61 m high. Andreas and I climbed up the tree. I think it was the greatest adventure on our hole trip.

The "Gloucester Tree"
Here you can see the ladder made of iron rods around the tree.
From the Top we had a great view!
That's me on the top of the Gloucester Tree
Andreas has made this very brave photo during descent.
That's me during descent
After descent
This tree was close to the Gloucester Tree.

In the evening we decided to camp in the Warren National Park near Pemberton.

There was a place for barbeque and wood for the fire. So we could cook our dinner on the fire.
It's the next day and we are ready to continue our tour.
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